Full Time Student


Being a student is a full time job.

The requirements to perform this job include:

  • A desire to better yourself, while simultaneously hating yourself.
  • A need for the ability to carry up to 50+ pounds of stress with the added carriage of responsibilities.
  • A sophisticated method to wake up for 8am classes and appointments, and not going to bed until 2am the night before due to an excessive workload.
  • Occasionally perform offsite activities for compensation, otherwise known as a “job”
    • A “job” can include many criteria such a store clerk, a restaurant server, an assistant of some sort, etc.
    • Many jobs require 20+ hours of work a week, and for our position of student, these must be tightly fit into your already full time employment.
  • The ability to schedule small amounts of personal time to eat, sleep, and pray for your GPA.
  • Attend extracurricular activities and join extracurricular groups to build your resume and make yourself more desirable to future employers.
  • Attend social events to make networking connections and learn social skills.
  • A bank account with copious amounts of money is a necessity for employment, or the ability to fill out a loan application will suffice for this requirement.


If you believe you would like to apply for this position, please send resume, ACT or SAT score, your first born child, and bank account number to admissions@university.edu. We look forward to application and will get back to you shortly with your first tuition payment and at the amount of your books.


Thank you,



writers block


I don’t know what to write about.



I have no clue.


My personal life is depressing and uninteresting, and all I do is work and sleep. I could talk about my academics but I feel that’s uninteresting as well.

If you have any ideas, let me know. cause I’m blank

I want to write. 


You reading this, have you ever had the urge to write? Like write about anything and everything. Whether it’s journalism, stories, or anything else in a literacy format.

I know I do.

I’ve always wanted to be a journalist, but I’ve never been given the opportunity to write and that is mainly why I started this blog. Just to write, everyday, as much as I can, and see how it goes. And I want to write about everything. My life, school, tech, news, fashion, sports, literally anything.

I’ve tried applying at newspapers in my area and my school newspaper but they never seem to let me try the art so I can’t build a portfolio or establish experience. Another reason I started blogging.

I am a major in Computer Information Systems, a far cry from writing and journalism, but I really want to minor in communications or journalism. Just to be able to write like I want. I love my major and the classes I’m taking but I’ve always had an itch to write.

My dream job would be as a tech journalist, someone who writes about and reviews tech. Like that is the life. I listen to tech podcast like a religion and read tech reviews 24/7, and I believe that is what I would be the happiest doing. It is something I’ve really always wanted to do since I watched my first phone review on YouTube when I was like 13.

I want to write and I’m gonna keep going until I can.

Until we meet again,

Allen Childers


Step Sing 2017


So Saturday night and Friday night I competed in a performance at UNA called Step Sing.

Step Sing is a yearly event held by the Student Government Association. The main purpose of Step Sing is to raise money for United Way Charity, and primarily United Way of the Shoals. Groups compete in a dance/singing format and are judged on a multitude of different categories. The majority of the contestants are Sororities and Fraternities, who call each other out. There is also a co-ed division and there has previously only been one group in this category, the Honors Program. But this year a new group came to the game.

This new group was the group that I was a part of. We represented the Music Department here at UNA. The group was filled with everyone from musicians to dancers to choir members.

There is a yearly theme to Step Sing and this year’s theme was “Famous Rivals” and the geeky people in the Music Department choose to do Star Wars!


So who better to do a Star Wars show then us!!

We then pieced to
gether a playlist including Hamilton, Smashmouth, and Nikki Minaj
Then the practicing process began. We began to practice every other night from 9pm-1am. We worked on everything from singing to choreography to comedic relief.

Then the night came! Our first performance!

Below I attached a link of our performance and a behind the scenes video made by one of my good friends, so subscribe!

img_1361img_2169Behind The Scenes!

 Performance night!!

Anyway long story short, WE WON! Our first year in this contest and we won (We actually tied for champs with a greek organization who had won 3 years in a row)


P.S. All the proceeds of Step Sing go to United Way, every dime. So I wore a Chewbacca outfit for a great cause.

New job


So I just quit my job…

But that’s only because I got a new job!

Recap: I worked at Foodland, a southern grocery store, and it was a normal minimum wage job at a grocery store. I stocked shelves, checked people out as a cashier, and a few other things. But I recently got offered a job in the CSIS (Computer Science and Information Systems) Department her at UNA. So considering that’s my department and I know the majority of professors and administrators, I took the job!

So my last day at Foodland was Tuesday, and today is Friday.

I am already at my new job on campus as a computer lab assistant. The pay is still minimum wage but the environment is so such much more enthusiastic and lively. My day to day job is watching over 3 computer labs and a few offices and making sure everything is running ok and students can use the computers and there are no problems. I am able to do homework and whatever I want the majority of the time I’m in here. I’m currently writing this post as I am at work. Can you say relaxed?

That is a major factor in why I am fulling committing to this blog. I just have a lot more time to post and work on it because I’m not wasting my life away at a grocery store. (If you work at a grocery store, I mean no disrespect. The environment i worked at just drained me physically.)



I’ve been looking for a new backpack for a while now considering my Ogio Bandit 15 is ripping and tearing and just overall wearing down.

I think I found the one.

It’s from a Kickstarted company called Peak Design.bp-20-bl-1_29469092444_o

Peak Design is a company based in San Fransisco, California and they specialize in camera gear and bags but this bag is so versatile it can be used for a whole slew of different tasks. I guess that’s why it’s called the “Everyday Backpack.”

Check out the company: Peakdesign.com

And if anyone knows about this bag, Please let me know!