A blockage

It can end lives,


And relationships

It tears apart life

And love

The plumbing

Of the heart

Is stopped and the end is here

A future is halted 

By an accumulation

Of debris

Of stress

Of hate

How easy things can be tore apart

By this simple barricade

Never underestimate

A clog

For it can stop all in its tracks

From advancing

I’ll miss you

My friend

My loved one

My family

Wherever you go

I hope it’s enjoyable

Don’t look back

Because the past doesn’t deserve it

You deserve to be happy

But a clog ended it


Why am I awake?


My fan swirls in the background, sometimes I hate the sound.

I look over at my clock, It’s 2:30am on the clock.

I left out a stressful puff of air, I want to pull out my hair.

My arms begin to shake, Why am I awake?

I have to wake up at 8, but I’ll most likely be late.

I enjoy my dark gloomy room, It hides the feelings of my doom.

My doom of going to rest, cause I know I’ll never be your best.

I want to scratch my eyes out with a rack, but I ask myself,

Why am I awake?