I need to work harder


My work ethic has dropped since school has ended. I’ve become lazy and unresponsive. This is my lazinesses coming back to bite me. There are times where I watch youtube videos for around 4 hours straight and complete nothing.


In those 4 hours I could’ve:

Learned a new programming language, developed an instrumental beat for a song, wrote a blog post about anything, worked on a writing, and a multitude of other things instead of just watching youtube videos.

So here I am to began again, and follow a goal of productivity and working hard.

More blog posts, info, and content coming.

I promise




Attention: Apple Rant follows




This is gonna sound like some serious white priviledge / being super damn selfish. But it’s fine.


I want a pair of Apple Airpods and an Apple Watch so bad.airpods-main

AIrpods, if you don’t know, are the little wireless
earbuds that Apple produces and they work amazingly and flawlessly with other apple products. That’s due to this special chip and yadda, yadda, yadda. I explain it all in the tech side of this blog but anyway…

The Apple Watch series 1 is the one. The one piece of tech I wanted but I can’t have and it’s currently right in front of mapple-watch-1y face. Again I’ll go over why I want the Apple Watch from a techy perspective in the tech section of this blog.

I know, I know. I don’t realize what I have if I keep focusing on the big expensive things, but I’m already saving up. so that’s that.