10 Things getting a tattoo taught me



This past month I got a tattoo. I have always wanted to experience this form of art but I especially didn’t want to regret it. The tattoo I got is located on my upper arm, and it says, “XII. VII.” with the words “The Start” under it. this is a homage to my great-grandmother and her late husband. December 7th was the day their 65 year marriage started, and this lasted through a World War, multiple changes in the social climate of the world, and their changing selves. IMG_3318Their love remained constant until the day my great-grandfather passed away, and that is always something I have adored.



so long story short here are a few things getting a tattoo taught me or showed me (if you’re debating it):

  1. Do it.
  2. Make sure you can live with it
  3. it doesn’t hurt as bad as you would think
  4. be smart and do your research (I had a guy offer to give me a tattoo for $20 in his shed. bad idea)
  5. Most people are accepting of tattoo. (My dad told me he would do disown me. He didn’t)
  6. More people have tattoos than you would think.
  7. If you’re worried about being professional, get it in a well hidden spot. (shoulder, leg, back, chest)
  8. Go to a good artist, plz. I don’t care if your friends cousin has a shop and will give you a good deal, if they aren’t good, don’t give them your money. You get what you pay for.
  9. You honestly feel instantly more badass. (Especially when you see yourself in the mirror, or is that just me?)
  10. Again DO IT.



Lonely Valentine’s Day? that’s ok.


The month of February is almost halfway over.

The Grammy’s are past and Chance The Rapper won.

It is now February 14, and today is a special day of love and caring. So if you’re alone today, don’t be done in the dumps, please.

Because you aren’t alone. Think of your friends, family, and associates. They all appreciate you, your presence, and your ideas. I know this is hard sometimes to believe when you think you are put second to someone or something else in a loved ones life. But you are anted and needed. Don’t forget that.

I recently went through a break up at this time last week. The girl I was with was a great girl and we were only together for about a month, so not very long. I can be mature enough to say, I did not give that relationship my all until it was gone. I acted like a child and neglected the emotions of this girl that I truly cared about but it is now over and her feelings are gone. This is a hard thing to overcome, but I realize she is happier now than when she was dealing with childish and neglecting me.

Why am I like this? Well lets go back some.

My first serious relationship, like love and goals and plans and all that stuff, started the beginning of my senior year in high school. It ended a year later when college hit. I was ok with it. I realized it would happen sooner or later, but it hurt nonetheless. I’m broken and I have been for sometime. I’m getting closer everyday to fixing myself but at this point in time, I’m damaged and that’s ok.

I say all this as I wait for the V-Day candy to go on sale so I can please my self with cheaper candy. (I’m currently finishing this at 1:52am on February 15th, because I procrastinated, but it still applies! I need sleep)funny-love-images-with-jokes

So today, please, hold your loved one tight, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until next time,

with love and candies,

Allen Childers