Everyone left me


All my roommates left.

Our lease went out and they were gonna without a word. So now I’m just here.

I’m alone, like literally. My friend group was built around my roommates and now no one is here.

Maybe this blog will give me an outlet for the upcoming weeks, but it might be depressing.

Stay with me here, please.




A blockage

It can end lives,


And relationships

It tears apart life

And love

The plumbing

Of the heart

Is stopped and the end is here

A future is halted 

By an accumulation

Of debris

Of stress

Of hate

How easy things can be tore apart

By this simple barricade

Never underestimate

A clog

For it can stop all in its tracks

From advancing

I’ll miss you

My friend

My loved one

My family

Wherever you go

I hope it’s enjoyable

Don’t look back

Because the past doesn’t deserve it

You deserve to be happy

But a clog ended it