I need to work harder


My work ethic has dropped since school has ended. I’ve become lazy and unresponsive. This is my lazinesses coming back to bite me. There are times where I watch youtube videos for around 4 hours straight and complete nothing.


In those 4 hours I could’ve:

Learned a new programming language, developed an instrumental beat for a song, wrote a blog post about anything, worked on a writing, and a multitude of other things instead of just watching youtube videos.

So here I am to began again, and follow a goal of productivity and working hard.

More blog posts, info, and content coming.

I promise




Full Time Student


Being a student is a full time job.

The requirements to perform this job include:

  • A desire to better yourself, while simultaneously hating yourself.
  • A need for the ability to carry up to 50+ pounds of stress with the added carriage of responsibilities.
  • A sophisticated method to wake up for 8am classes and appointments, and not going to bed until 2am the night before due to an excessive workload.
  • Occasionally perform offsite activities for compensation, otherwise known as a “job”
    • A “job” can include many criteria such a store clerk, a restaurant server, an assistant of some sort, etc.
    • Many jobs require 20+ hours of work a week, and for our position of student, these must be tightly fit into your already full time employment.
  • The ability to schedule small amounts of personal time to eat, sleep, and pray for your GPA.
  • Attend extracurricular activities and join extracurricular groups to build your resume and make yourself more desirable to future employers.
  • Attend social events to make networking connections and learn social skills.
  • A bank account with copious amounts of money is a necessity for employment, or the ability to fill out a loan application will suffice for this requirement.


If you believe you would like to apply for this position, please send resume, ACT or SAT score, your first born child, and bank account number to admissions@university.edu. We look forward to application and will get back to you shortly with your first tuition payment and at the amount of your books.


Thank you,


Everyone left me


All my roommates left.

Our lease went out and they were gonna without a word. So now I’m just here.

I’m alone, like literally. My friend group was built around my roommates and now no one is here.

Maybe this blog will give me an outlet for the upcoming weeks, but it might be depressing.

Stay with me here, please.

I’m trying


I haven’t posted a post in a while. But I’m working on one that’s relatively detailed and fact oriented.

When I first started writing all these blogs posts, I wanted to do at least one everyday, but due to my schedule (and my uninteresting life) I don’t believe that will happen. Possibly to or three a week but a post everyday of the week is just too much for me.

Im also going through the thick of my school work at the moment. I am also going through a breakup from this past week. So life has hit as it always does at this time in the semester.unknown

So I’m trying, but bear with me, please.

Until next time,

Stay Gorgeous,

Allen Childers

P.s. I’m thinking about doing a love centered post for  Valentine’s Day. so that could be a thing.